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Thursday, August 09, 2012

A Day for the Big Boys (and Fun for Us Too)

Yesterday, Micah and I took the boys to King's Island in Ohio for some much needed parents/big boys time.  It was such a blessing to have a friend who was able to keep the babies at home for the day~ since I don't think roller coasters are recommended for 6 month olds~ although, the boys like to theorize throughout the day which rides the babies would like.

We had a blast.  Actually, if you ask Elijah, it was one of the "best days of his life" so far. 

With much anticipation and sunny skies, we ventured inside and ascended the 1/3 size Eiffel Tower to get a view of the whole park.

After getting the lay of the land, we made our way to the first ride, Surf Dog- strategically chosen by Elijah.  We took our seats and the boys dialogued about whether or not they were scared.  The consensus was no, just excited.

Then the ride began.  Through out the duration, Andrew laughed with delight.  Elijah, however, repeated the phrase "Mommy, I want to get off...  I want to GET OFF...  I want TO GET OFF!!!  I WANT TO GET OFF!!!"  Bless his little heart!  I kept trying to reassure him that it would be over soon and that he was safe.  After the longest two minutes I am sure he has ever experienced, he calmly walked off the ride and headed directly to Andrew's choice, Flying Ace Ariel Chase.

Again, Andrew loved it ~ Elijah, not so much.  He was such a good sport and didn't sit out any ride a 46" boy could attempt (without us having to encourage him too much either).  I think at the end of the day, he even enjoyed the scary ones (Elijah: No Mommy).  I do think he would do it all again (E:  No, I wouldn't).  I don't think he was that scared (E:  Yes, I was).

We haven't visited many amusement parks with the boys.  Andrew especially hasn't ridden much other than kiddie rides.  Well~ apparently that isn't a prerequisite for some serious roller-coaster enjoyment.  He and his Daddy even conquered The Beast--TWICE!--, the longest wooden coaster in the world. 

He loved that ride, as well as other super-fast wooden coasters.  He did conclude that he doesn't care much for the "loop-de-loop" (as he and Elijah called it) or corkscrew.  He and I rode the Wind Seeker which ascends 30 stories.  That is one brave boy.    

I think our favorites were the rides we could all experience together like the log ride and one at the water park called Zoom Flume.  We waited for about an hour for that one in particular but it was definitely worth it.   

I remember as a child looking around at the adults thinking, I wonder why they aren't having as much fun as I am?!?!  Now, as an adult I know.  It is because, friends, being a grown up is exhausting!  While it was a sincere joy, it wore Micah and me out trying to keep up with them all day!  At the end, I had left my stomach in so many high-up places I thought I might hurl and my body was sore from all the jerking, swinging, and bouncing.  Of course there was always ~just one more~ ride to go on before we had to leave.   

On the way there and back, we did pass landmarks that reminded us of our travels to Cincinnati just months ago.  It was good to show Andrew and Elijah our hotel and the hospital exits and recount the circumstances that had led us there.  We all (with the boys in adamant agreement) missed the babies and are so thankful we were headed back home ~ to where we would all be together again.

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Ashley said...

What a fun day! Glad you had some fun, quality time together.