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We are a family of fifteen: eight already with Jesus and seven in desperate need of Him. This is the story God is writing in our lives. Proverbs 16:9

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Growing Babies

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your name give glory, for the sake of Your steadfast love and faithfulness. Psalm 115:1

It has already been another week and we are exceeding thankful for our three healthy, growing babies! We saw all our little ones today and watched their little hearts beat away. Micah and I both feel such gratefulness to God for sustaining the lives of our little ones. It is still surreal listening to our Nurse Practioner use phrases like "head count" and "group shot" during our ultrasound. It is difficult to get them all in the same picture! There has not been a couple expecting triplets at our clinic in 4-5 years. This makes us quite the spectacle every time we come into the office. It really is a testimony to the mindset behind this particular Reproductive Endocrinologist that there haven't been more. We know of other clinics that transfer more embryos, end up with more multiple pregnancies, and in many cases, selectively abort down to the "desired number" of babies. It is a comfort to know there are clinics that strive to be more contentious in a field where life can be so easily drastically under-valued. We know it is not perfect, but definitely more honoring to those made in the image of God.

God has given us such peace over the last week~ as the initial shock has worn off and reality settles in. While I still feel anxious at times, the Lord is honoring my requests to increase my faith and belief in His love for us all. We have felt a gamut of emotions while entrusting our children with us and those ahead of us to God's capable arms. In this whole process, I have found myself whether rejoicing or grieving in the place of "Lord, I have nothing and need everything". It has been a good place to live and a good place to remain. I imagine I am going to feel it even more over the coming months. The nausea x3 is overwhelming, but every time I feel sick I am reminded that the sources are three, rapidly changing and developing persons that are increasingly precious to me. One bit of extra physical comfort though- after 37 consecutive days of PIO injections, I no longer have to have shots!!! Woo hoo!!!

Andrew and Elijah are really doing well. We start school this week. This year, we have joined a co-op where they will each take four classes one day a week. This will be a great opportunity for them to be taught by others and make some new friends. Did I mention that one of the classes they will be taking is Karate? The other day, Elijah decided to karate chop the toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom. It immediately broke to his utter delight. I, being the responsible mother that I am, made sure I gave him the "we take care of the things God gives us" speech. He looked at me with understanding in his eyes and solemnly apologized. Then, he looked up at me, smiled slowly, and said "but it was still pretty cool, wasn't it, Mommy?!?" I have to admit, it was pretty cool! Andrew has really grown up lately. He is starting to resemble a young man. He loves responsibility and feeling grown-up and is really good at taking care of Anakin. We are so blessed. It has been a sweet time for me with the two of them. I spend a lot more time on the couch which gives opportunity for more board games, Wii, and the stuff they love to do.

Keep praying for us all. And thank you to all those who have offered encouragement. I hold all these things very close to my heart.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A BIG Surprise

God’s story writing is incredible…

The waiting time between our first appointment and first Ultrasound has been filled with much anticipation as all has seemed to be going well in the “I am very pregnant with all of the great symptoms” department. My favorite parts of this wait have been hearing Elijah quote Psalm 23 to the babies and receiving contentious care by Micah and Andrew extending to the babies as well.

This past week we went to NC for Micah to preach at an “opportunity for revival” service and spend some time with family. We had the privilege of meeting our new niece and nephew~ the soon to be adopted children of Micah’s brother and his wife. They are precious and we are so glad to welcome them into our family! It was a sweet time with everyone; rejoicing in the news of our pregnancy and time ~for me especially~ to hear from my husband about the glorious gospel from Romans 4-6 during the services. The boys sang Your Great Name together at one of the services and the words spoke straight to my heart.

On our last day, I wasn’t feeling so well and seemed to be having some pregnancy complications. Even though the van was completely packed, we decided instead of getting on the road, we needed to have things assessed. Long story short, we ended up at the ER for multiple tests. All tests were normal, praise God! This little detour did provide us with a huge bit of news, however… We saw TWINS! It was a surreal moment watching the Ultrasound gal measure and count the heartbeats of our two babies, growing strong. We felt reassured and humbled at more days with both our little ones.

God blessed us with safety on our ride home. Saturday evening I was having an even more scary pregnancy complication and called my Nurse Practioner in tears. I spent all day Sunday resting, praying, and truthfully, unable to speak. I confess my fearfulness over the past couple of days. It was partially a sinful fear and partially the feeling a mother desiring to protect her children. God heard all of my cries, petitions, and confessions of my lack of understanding and faith for hours. Micah was a precious husband and took care of the house, boys, dog, unpacking from our trip, getting meals, etc. so I could relax. This morning, I called my doctor's office per the NP to see if I could go in earlier since I was not scheduled until 4:00. Thankfully, they told us to come right away. Micah and I arrived and went in to the room. Honestly, I was prepared for bad news but praying for good. Nothing could have prepared me for the news we did receive, though. Not only did our babies have strong heartbeats, but in the first sac, she found two babies! Yes folks, we are having TRIPLETS~ two identical twins and one fraternal sibling. Apparently one baby was hiding during our ultrasound last week. They all are measuring well for this stage. Micah and I have been walking around in shock since then~ amazed at what the Lord has done. The boys were very excited to hear the news~ but a little concerned that they will have to give up their play room. Micah kindly warned them that we all will pretty much be giving up the whole house for these 3!

This is a very precarious time for our babies so we need continued prayers. There are more chances for complications with multiples (it is shocking to even type that word!) and we will be monitored very closely. With every week that goes by, the chances of our babies surviving goes up. This has indeed been an overwhelming, exciting time and we thank you all for continuing to share in it with us. You have to just all promise that you won’t look at us strangely, even if we might begin to resemble one of those crazy families you might see on TLC!

Monday, August 01, 2011

The Two Week Wait is Over!

It is with great joy that I can report that as of today, one or both of our little ones are growing! After 5 home pregnancy tests, 1 test at our clinic followed by 1 positive blood test (Beta Hcg 1311!!!), I think I am finally convinced:) It is so gracious of God to allow us more days with this/these little one(s). It is very humbling to think that embryos, frozen in a lab just a couple of weeks ago have been given life here on this earth.

Please pray~ that all continues to go well and that Jesus, Who holds all things together by the word of His power would sustain and grow them. We will go back in two weeks for an ultrasound to see if one or both babies are with us.