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We are a family of fifteen: eight already with Jesus and seven in desperate need of Him. This is the story God is writing in our lives. Proverbs 16:9

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

To NC and Back

What a week and a half!

My baby brother ~and I say that with literality as he is eleven years my junior~ married the love of his life, Lizzy, last Saturday.  We loaded our 12 passenger van to the brim and traveled through beautiful Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina to witness the covenant they made together among family and friends.  Micah was the officiator and spoke of the love God has shown them in Jesus, the faith that settles their relationship in the grace of God, and the love they now share as testimony to these precious gifts.  Even in a momentary rain shower, the ceremony was beautiful.  As I stood with my sisters, one at each side, and watched the face of my brother as his bride approached, I breathed deeply the mercy of God as He grows and sustains our family.

A new sister

A glance at the Groom

Ring Security

After all the festivities, we spent a few days with our families.

Isaac at Aunt Cindy's house
Elijah lost his first tooth at Papa and Mimi's house
With Papa and Mimi
All the grandkiddos with Abba on the farm
Elijah and Calvin

GG with her "Greats"
We also had some time at our summer home on Biltmore Estate to enjoy the spring flowers.  They have even opened the nursery to guests in the house.  I have to say, I am not envious of those who watched after babies in such an enormous, stair-filled home!

I have always been intrigued at how both men and women together, not separately, more fully express the image of God as highlighted in Genesis 1:27.  Marriage is one picture of this mystery.  This past trip, the artistry and multi-faceted-ness of God and the way He chooses to display His image through humanity seemed clear as I watched the people I love in our extended families move through life and interact with each other.

As I look about the faces of my family, I see one whose insight and ease brings depth into conversation.  There is another who shows gentleness with even the feistiest, under-napped 15 month old.  And another demonstrates the ability to make a mundane task a joy to undertake.  Then, there are the hard-working, soft spoken, encouragers, and unpretentious.  And then to highlight the groom- no one can take ordinary tasks and make them dance moves quite like my brother (if youtube soon features the "mow the lawn" and "wash your hair", you'll know from whence they came;)).  There are different giftings all around.  Dimples in smiles, laughter, and sparkling eyes bring about thoughts of generations before.  Then add by marriage and adoption and the list grows and grows.  It honors the gift of life to appreciate the unique ways we as humanity bear out His image.

However, I cannot disregard whispers of eternity as I see beauty in life---  because as beautiful as it is, it is also so flawed.  And don't those in families know it!   Just as we are borne in the image of the man of dust, those who trust Jesus will also bear the image of the man of heaven ~ to borrow from 1 Corinthians 15.  All the things I love about my family are perfected in the God-Man, Jesus and in Him, all good pure, and perfect exist.  It is a priceless promise to know that everyday, God is making me --- a terrible sinner --- into the image of Christ.  And one day, we will relate to each other with His perfection.  Can you imagine a conversation between two fully sanctified persons?  Or gifts expressed without a hint of pride?  Family is just another way I learn about my Father and His plans for me.    

On the Road Again ~  Chicken Quesidillas in the Van