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We are a family of fifteen: eight already with Jesus and seven in desperate need of Him. This is the story God is writing in our lives. Proverbs 16:9

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Blessings

Isaiah 9:2   
The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; 
those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them a light has shown.

God has said "let there be light" first in the creation of the universe, then most incomparably, compassionately, savingly, in the Incarnation.  He says it in the hearts of those He loves and calls by His name.  He will say it again, when Christ Jesus, the Light from eternity past, returns to illuminate eternity future.

As we celebrate Emmanuel, God with us, we are reminded of all those with whom we watch and wait.   It is with love and affection that we pray God blessings on you all this Christmas and in the New Year!

With smiles and serious faces, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Happenings and Such

At the ushering in of the first good snow of the season, I thought I might take advantage of the extra time indoors and write a bit. 

On the way back from North Carolina and unbeknownst to Micah or me, the babies had a meeting and unanimously decided to enter into the two's a bit early.  If I may, I would like to translate that for you.  I now have three, cute toddlers, who spend the entire day expressing their opinions in various forms, finding new things to displace all through the house, and doing everything physically possible to harm themselves and each other.  Their unique personalities come out in each of these areas.  For example, one likes to spin in circles and fall on the floor like an operatic death scene when she doesn't get what she wants.  Another little chooses head butting to dispel anger while another cries like I have just managed to break her heart forever and ever ---all over the tragic taking away of tooth brushes at the end of teeth brushing time.

Then there are all the deathtraps.  With three going after all of them simultaneously… let's just say I should be a stunt woman leaping, drop-rolling, and diving to the rescue while they constantly plot to find them all.  There aren't protective covers for everything, folks.  And you'd be amazed at the items when made projectile can take out an eye or architectural fixtures that leave a nasty scar when approached at full-speed ahead.  Some potential hazards are terrifying and others, just plain humorous.  I have a girl who recently found some glitter in a drawer and quickly, poured the container on the floor.  She cried until every single speck was removed from her hands, shirt, pants, socks, and in between her toes!  If only I could covert everything potentially hazardous into glitter...

And still there are aspects of life that bind our hearts together as a family and keep me praying for God's never ending supply of mercy, strength, and peace.  

Some of you may know that Isaac spent a few days in the hospital due to pneumonia and complications stemming from his preemie lung disease.  The night he was admitted was one of the most concerning nights I have had with him.  After three consecutive, one-hour long breathing treatments, his lungs finally began to respond to the medication and he began taking un-labored breaths.  After antibiotics other meds began, he started improving quickly and was back home in just a couple of days.  I was reminded through that whole experience again of the gift of teamwork between Micah and me.  Even when we are separated by circumstances beyond our control, we are working together.  Isaac is now doing much better.

On Thanksgiving Day, another gal slipped and bumped her head on a wall guard on the bottom hinge of our basement door and landed backward.  She was so scared and upset, she held her breath until she passed out.  That is not a feeling I want to have again~ having a little one completely collapse in my arms---  It was so scary.  She turned stark white.  After a call to the after hours nurse, it was decided a trip to the ER was in order to make certain there was no concussion.  She was seen in the same room I had been with Isaac not even a week before.  This time, I was thankful for the company of my sisters as my family was in town for the holiday.  The doctor (and Mommy) was assured of her stability fairly quickly when she insisted on jumping up and down on the bed during examination.  Following a brief observation, we now are the owners a very expensive (ER copay) sippy cup used to ensure her ability to stomach liquids.  As we exited, she raised her cup in bottoms up fashion to the staff watching, pumpkin pie in hand, at the nurses station.      

What an age.

With all of that comes the articulation of new words, spontaneous giving of affection, and contagious smiles and giggles.  Watching the evolution of interaction between babies and big boys is an education in sibling affection and makes my heart smile.  

Speaking of my growing boys, they have both taken off in stature and ability.  I recently discovered they had both outgrown, mid-season, everything I had just put into their closets- shoes included.  My eldest can almost look me right in the eyes without so much as a chin tilt.

Then there is the growing of another kind.  One boy in particular has inherited my dizzying intellect and is voicing a prelude to teenage years ahead.  What he doesn't know yet is that his mother was the inventor of all the mind games he thinks he wants to play;)  Even yet, I love that he gives me insights to his thoughts and feels safe within conversation.  To have trust at this time in his life is a gift.  All I can say to that is, Thank You, Lord Jesus.  There is eternal security and hope in my vertical relationship with God that covers my failures as a mother ---however there are horizontal consequences that can shape mother-son relationships in a way that would impede important conversations.  I pray he always feels so loved that his openness continues throughout his remaining years at home.  And even though it is difficult for me to believe, with a 10th birthday coming soon, he is over halfway gone…… 

My other big boy is finding his individuality.  I am always surprised at his ability to distinguish himself from his brother while maintaining a close relationship with him.  I also surprised at his taste in music and maturing sensitivity.  He is usually the life of the party and never ceases to come up with the most funny things to say.

May the blessings of the Christmas holiday, namely the Babe sent to be our Rescuer, our Peace, our Sanity, our Priceless Treasure, and our Only Hope, be upon each of you--- where ever you are.