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We are a family of fifteen: eight already with Jesus and seven in desperate need of Him. This is the story God is writing in our lives. Proverbs 16:9

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Changes Coming...

For all of you who are used to this blog being an update and sometimes commentary on our life, this blog may be a little different. I think for me, writing brings me to terms with current events in my life and promotes closure. It will be different than what you all are used to so I guess I am giving you fair warning: there will be no cute pictures of the boys or clever captions this time. My prayer is that you all will feel closer to us as we walk down a somewhat unfamiliar path and rejoice with us as things progress. This will all make more sense soon I hope.

In the last couple of weeks, through much prayer and pacing, the Lord has given us new direction. It was made very clear that we have responsibilities in North Carolina that can no longer be put on the back burner. So, that said, we will be moving in to the last home we left and still own in Stony Point as soon as our house sells here in Kentucky. Micah has felt leading in a new direction as well. He desires, within the Lord's will, to eventually pursue a degree in History in North Carolina as well. These things coinciding cause our destination (NC) to seem sure.

As I sit and type today, the "For Sale" sign is on order for our home, Micah has talked with both the church and Chick-fil-a , and I have begun long conversations with dear friends confirming that our time here is coming to a close.

For all of you who know, and those that don't, the Louisville area to us has been the place we have grown up. We certainly have not arrived and there are still areas we need to grow that have remained since we came, but I must give credit to God where credit is due. He has used this time to shape us in ways we could have never been shaped had we not moved here. From the first minute we arrived to visit until now, the canvas of our lives has been painted with lessons learned, life-long friends made, church family, precious jobs and employers, wise counsel, joys, sadness, trials, and all kinds of shaping circumstances. The backdrop has always been God's grace and provision~ His care and compassion on two people in much need of change.

I guess this is where we are left- still needing change. And it seems as though NC is the change we need. I have asked myself over and over if I am strong enough to leave- the comfort of my home and life God has given us here. My answer most definitely is no. We are so grateful for our time here in the Louisville area. I will be so sad to leave. I remember pulling out of our drive to this day headed for Louisville. I cried on and off most of the way in our Civic with Phoebe beside me in her cat carrier, drugged with benedryl so she wouldn't lose it, or her lunch, on the way. I wasn't strong enough then to leave comfort and stability, and I am not now.

But Jesus is. So we plunge into the unknown. If God has us back in NC, then that is where we need to be; clinging to the cross the whole way- trusting in the One who is working all this for our good and will not withhold any good thing from us.

Now- does anyone need to find a house to buy in Shelbyville? I know of a great home for sale!

Saturday, August 04, 2007


So as my title suggests, we just got home from what we are affectionately referring to as our vacation, given the many people we were able to visit. The only inner conflict we have is that when we got home, we felt desperate for a vacation following our vacation. All those with family out of state will understand. We had a lovely trip, grace with safety and kind company. We filled up on North Carolina scenery and culture. It was nice to feel the security of seeing familiar faces and driving familiar roads. Enjoy!

We arrived on Chelsea's (Tiffany's sister) birthday~ Happy Day Chelsea! Uncle Matt taking Andrew for a ride on the lawnmower. (Don't worry, the blade is off)

We visited Biltmore Estate in Asheville. What a beautiful place... just sorry it is only used for tourists:)
Amy and Tiff on our tour.

There were so many beautiful flowers in Biltmore gardens. I may attempt to do some paintings of these...

Micah's grandmother

Here we are... on the road, going here and there and everywhere!

Elijah enjoyed his fair share of Chick-fil-a fries. He tried desperately to eat the all at once!

Lunch on Lake Norman with family.

We missed taking and posting pictures of everyone we were able to see. Lack of picture does not mean lack of affection!