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We are a family of fifteen: eight already with Jesus and seven in desperate need of Him. This is the story God is writing in our lives. Proverbs 16:9

Friday, June 08, 2012

Sappy Day

It was a sunny day, June 8, 1994.  A guy and girl made their way out of a brick ranch with a wide front porch.  She paused just outside the door as he continued down the stairs and sidewalk.  He turned around and smiled.  "I'll miss you," she said contemplating the week ahead, knowing he would be very far away.  "I love you~," he said with his voice gently rising.  She felt her heart melt then spring up with joy.  "I love you, too," she replied.  I am going to marry him someday, she thought.  And less than four years later, she did.

I am so glad I did.  Micah Martin Childs ~ I don't love you ~ But I always will.

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Emily said...

How sweet! Hope the move went well today. Praying that everyone adjusts quickly!