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We are a family of fifteen: eight already with Jesus and seven in desperate need of Him. This is the story God is writing in our lives. Proverbs 16:9

Monday, May 28, 2012

An Open Letter...

... to all those we pass ~ in the mall, on the sidewalk, and in other various public places:

We see you and we know you see us.  We love that you stop and smile at our babies (ladies) and stroller with the steering wheel (gentlemen).  We love that you are drawn to them.  We love your expressions.  We want to make eye contact, stop, and allow you to stare at our children.  The reason we may keep moving sometimes is not why you may think.  Instead of not wanting to talk to you, as you may feel by our brief pause, the polar opposite is true. 

We want to talk~ in fact, it feels entirely unsatisfying to respond to your kind comments with a simple, "Thank you" or "We are very blessed" or "God has been so merciful to us".  We want to tell you about the God Who created, sustained, and saved our babies from harm.  We want to tell you about the days we prayed for them along with a congregation of others.  We want to show you every picture so you can see how they have grown.  We want you to know about the others still frozen, waiting on a chance to be free. 

We want you to know how thankfully we are for their big brothers as well and that their births were also miraculous.  We want you to know them and the way they pridefully love their siblings and pray for them with the kind of faith only demonstrated by children.  We want you to know there are 8 more children waiting for us beyond this life who we cannot wait to meet someday. 

But more than anything, we desire you to know the God Who is more powerful than the combined energy of the universe but gentle with those whom He loves.  We are witnesses to His wonders and know that He is actively willing and working on the behalf of all those who are called by His name.  When you see the face of our babies, they bear His image.  Their smiles cause even a mournful soul to joy in new life.  But those smiles are only a shadow of the smile of our Father Who has reconciled sinners to Himself in His Son, Jesus.

We would love to say all of this every time we meet an awed stranger.            


carrie said...

They are just beautiful, Tiffany!

Denise said...

May I make a suggestion? For those that seem interested, maybe make a 'business card' with your website on it. It would give them the opportunity to find your blog and read up. :) I keep one in my wallet of our family's info since we often meet someone we would like to get to know and don't always have time to chat right then much less write down all our info. It has been a great tool to connect more with people that God brings across our path.