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We are a family of fifteen: eight already with Jesus and seven in desperate need of Him. This is the story God is writing in our lives. Proverbs 16:9

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Two More At Home

I remember being told that the NICU journey is a long one... until the very end.  Then, all of the sudden, babies will be ready to be discharged.  This was the case for Isabella.  Last weekend, she decided she wanted her feeding tube out and proceeded to remove it herself.  She has done this before, but this time, her nurses decided to begin giving her all bottles.  Needless to say, she had no problem taking all her feedings by mouth!  Since she also has been able to hold her body temperature, gain weight every day for several days, and grow out of her episodes (dropping her oxygen or heart rate with need of stimulation to regain normal levels), the doctors decided to send her home.  Tuesday, we had her in the van, heading for home.  She acted so natural on the ride and has adapted to life at our home very easily. 
Yesterday, we were so thankful that Isaac had also reached his get out of the NICU milestones and came home also!  He is now over 5 pounds.  I laid Isabella next to him when we brought him inside and she spent a few minutes showing him the ropes.  I don't think he was interested at the time, though:)  Thankfully, both babies are used to some noise (the NICU and CCN were sometimes like  Grand Central Station!) so they are getting along with their big brothers well. 

And last but certainly not least, 3 pound, 9 oz. Eliana heard a rumor that her siblings were leaving her and decided to take all her bottles by mouth.  Wednesday, I saw her sweet face for the first time without any tubes or tape.  By the afternoon, though, she was having trouble maintaining her oxygen levels again and needed to be put back on oxygen.  Really, she is just getting a flow of room air to help her lungs stay open.  She is already doing much better.  We will be thankful when she is big enough to maintain her body temperature and come out of her isolette.  It was so difficult leaving her at the hospital when we left with Isaac.  The overflow of emotions was overwhelming~ seeing my other babies' cribs empty in the back of the CCN and Eliana left there alone.  We pray she is able to come home soon and be with us.  It just isn't the same at home without her.

We have had peaceful first days with Isabella and Isaac.  Micah and I have seen a huge change in Andrew and Elijah.  They are so glad to feel more a part of the babies lives.  They are both so sweet to them~  And I have enjoyed watching them study the babies and speak sweetly to them.

As if that isn't enough going on in our lives, Micah and I celebrated our 14th Wedding Anniversary also on Wednesday.  When we married in 1998, we were 18 and 19 years old.  I wonder what we would have thought had we been told what God had in store for our lives 14 years down the road.  I couldn't imagine walking this road without him. 

Memory is powerful~  Micah recently played an album for me to listen to in the kitchen and immediately, a thought came to mind.  I can easily recall standing in our bathroom at Mallard Crossing and singing I Expect Great Things by Christine Dente days after our first embryo transfer well over a year ago.  I also remember days struggling to sing the words~ not necessarily disbelieving them, but feeling upside down in sadness~ when our adoption path was pain.  As I watch my babies sleep today and think of Eliana resting peacefully, sit next to my boys here on the couch, and kiss my husband hello, I can't help but actively feel faith increase.  Then on a complete literal, humorous note, I thought about the second verse in particular and the gift of our Isabella Joy.  Who knew our "Joy" unseen?  And there is more joy to be found.  God has been so good to us~  And we do not deserve His great goodness.  When it is so evident, we cannot move or breathe without testifying to its truth. 

I expect great things of God
For God He is so great
He can do what we cannot
I expect great things of God

I hope for joy unseen
And hope wont disappoint
Faith is sure of what will be
So I hope for joy unseen

I wait for glory days
When every voice will praise
The name above amazing love
So I wait for glory
I hope for joy
I expect great things of God
Voyage, Christine Dente
inspired by Valley of Vision:  A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions


Aaron and Jennifer said...

I'm so thankful that two of your three babies are home now...I know that is such a blessed relief. I am praying that Eliana will be coming home soon too. We brought our babies home in July 2011 - our first EA transfer was in July 2010 and brought great heartache and many tears. Only God knew what one year later would His sovereignty in the midst of our finiteness!

carrie said...

Congrats!!!! I well remember the joy of bringing 2 home, mixed with the sadness of leaving one behind. She will be home before you know it.

Leah Elizabeth said...

I definitely had goose-bumps when reading this post!! What a miracle!

I love the way you're longing for the last one to be home even though you have 2! precious babies in your home - what a beautiful picture of God's desire for us all to come home to Him!

Gloria McMillin said...

How sweet to hear two are home. You may need a few more hands. Some of us old grandmothers will be happy to come rock so you can take a nap. How does that sound? Also we need to set a date for the church wide shower we plan to host.Let me know what you think. Love ya, Gloria

Ashley said...

So glad to hear that the babies are doing so well and getting to come home! Praise God! Praying that they will all be home together soon.