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We are a family of fifteen: eight already with Jesus and seven in desperate need of Him. This is the story God is writing in our lives. Proverbs 16:9

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Deep South Adventures

There is one route we take regularly that goes right by the gulf. It is far more scenic than the stretch of interstate a few miles north. I don't mind taking more time in a commute to enjoy the views of the water and white sand beaches and the smell of the salty, sea air.
We also found a new park; Gulf Islands National Seashore. I took the boys there recently to play some soccer.
We were informed at the visitor's Center that there are alligators in the park and where exactly to find them. Andrew and Elijah were more than excited about seeing alligators in their natural habitat. As for me, I wouldn't call my reaction "excitement". It felt more like... well... freaking out! They were so disappointed when we didn't "meet an alligator" as Andrew said. I was relieved:)
A fellow CFA Interim shared tickets to a Mississippi Surge Hockey Game with our family. I have learned one thing after attending one hockey game. I am not a fan of hockey games! I am sure there is skill involved, but in my simple mind, I only see disorganization and fighting! Call me crazy, but I guess it is just my ignorant opinion~ I kept thinking, what does Mary Kassian think about this? She is my female theologian hero from Canada who has boys that play hockey. Maybe someday I will understand. For the boys, any place with cotton candy and popcorn is fun!
The most amusing part of the whole thing was the visiting team's box.
There nothing like an old friend to help me feel connectedness to our past. My friend Karen's parents were gracious enough to allow us to visit with her and her children at their home near Mobile. It was fun to get our kiddos together. When Karen and I first met nine years ago, neither of us had any children. We used to plan big dinners and Pendegraph functions for The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary together. Now, we play duck-duck-goose and fly kites with our little balls of energy:)
Easter was day of worshiping our Risen Savior. I know I am a girl and like shopping, but for me, dressing us Easter Sunday morning in new clothes with bright, spring colors exemplifies how Christ has given me new clothes- His clothes. What He accomplished for me in His death and resurrection allow me to be presented to the Father clothed in His righteousness and with a new heart.

Micah is working diligently to make the most of his time here. We continue to wait and pray for contentment in every circumstance.

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