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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Visiting New Orleans

Micah had a free afternoon this past Tuesday and we decided to drive west to New Orleans. He hadn't seen the city since his youth. I had never seen it at all. The drive over was a testimony to man's ingenuity and gifting from a Creator who made him in His image. The bridge over Lake Pontchartrain is about 5 miles long. One of the most obvious things visitors experience is the damage still left by Katrina. The bridges on which we drove were new but the old ones were still visible but obviously demolished. There were many areas that looked abandoned due to the vast devastation the hurricane brought to the coast.

We didn't have a lot of time, but we did see the French Quarter, the New Orleans bank of the Mississippi River, the famous (or infamous) Bourbon Street, and a small part of the Garden District.

We ended up at PF Changs for dinner where the boys closed the trip with a chopstick-drum concert.

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Janet said...

Love New Orleans. Hoping we can get over there this summer. If I'd have known you were going I'd given you some restaurant suggestions. The food there is fabulous! It looks like you all are enjoying your time in our current home.