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We are a family of fifteen: eight already with Jesus and seven in desperate need of Him. This is the story God is writing in our lives. Proverbs 16:9

Monday, March 08, 2010


Micah and I both have already begun to reflect on the past two months. The one thing that is the most obvious is that God truly grew us into being able to cope with all the trials in our situation. It has taken a great deal of trust in His sovereignty over CA and NC (and all the places in between) to make it as well. I am absolutely sure that had we had to have been in this situation years ago, we would have handled it much differently. That doesn't speak well of us, but of God who allowed us to mature toward this task. This quote by Wendell Berry is so true: "It is not from ourselves that we learn to be better than we are."

From the Northeast to the far West, now to South Mississippi, we have seen a good portion of the United States. We moved into our new life for the next few months last week and the best part is that we all feel like a family again! The trip down south was full of "Are we there yet's?" and "Can we watch another movie?" What is funny about this picture is that I had to take several to get one of both boys looking like they were enjoying themselves! In the others, one or both boys were making terrible, scowling faces:) I think maybe I bribed them with candy for this one shot...

New culture, new surroundings, new people. What is interesting, though, is that people, even though they are different, are the same. We have heard a lot of stereotypes about people from the north or from the south or from the city or country, but all things considered, at the core, people are exactly the same. Though it comes out of them with different accents, they all have struggles, preferences, concerns, a history that always lends them to some type of behavior, etc. It is more and more obvious that the fundamental problem is that we need Jesus! All of us in the exact same way. We all need a big God who is in control of life when all seems out of control. We all need Him to be working on our behalf, giving us life and breath and everything else. We need Him to take us off the twisted, steep, thorny path and put us on the straight, well-lit path where He is the ultimate goal. We are either sluggishly navigating our own way or following Him and that- only through graciously sanctified eyes- is clear.

We have never lived so close to the coast! The boys are excited about warmer weather and playing on the beach some while we are here.
These pics are from Biloxi, known for its casinos. Andrew preferred the mini-lighthouse to the ominous buildings.

Our goal no matter where we are is learning to love people where they are in the way we have been loved. I would like to say that this is easy, but it is truly difficult. It is just as difficult as it is for others to love me even on my good days! But our Example is perfect and empowers us to know love and then in turn love others. Of course we are hoping this is just one step closer to God providing Micah with a permanent position with Chick-fil-a. For us, these two goals go hand in hand.


Anna M said...

How neat for the boys to get to be around the water! And what a good example you're setting by loving others so genuinely. It is hard--but gosh, if more people were like y'all, what a better place we would be in!

Denise said...

How wonderful you can all be together again! MS will be fun! We have some family in Mobile and they love being 'down there'. Growing up in FL the beach will always hold some wonderful fun memories as a child. I am trying to create some of those for our kids, but is a little more difficult on living on the coast. Enjoy!!