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Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Time Has Come...

The kiddos are three and ready.

I have not been necessarily ready. With visions of public restrooms with my three, touching, grabbing, and licking everything in sight, I was quite content just letting them live in diapers.

But they are determined to grow up. I guess I can't hold them back forever.

Having trained two boys, the first with trepidation and the next with second-child confidence, I have---eh---had a good plan. It is one that has worked in the past (because the child was physically ready... that is important). I like the plan. It is also one of the first parent/child authoritative yet collaborative efforts that says to them, "I am mom, you can do this, and now we work on it together."

But I don't have one to train, I have three. There is always the possibility of the plan shifting to another plan (like all my best laid plans in the land of parenting and especially parenting triplets). There is a pretty funny article on how to appear smart in a business meeting that suggests asking, "Will this scale?" Well, that is actually helpful around here and it is, indeed, smart.

So we go for it. The first four hours are like an episode of Full-House--- or I guess like 8 back-to-back Full House episodes. There seems to be music playing, resolving all the potty-training conflicts as all three are 6 for 6. Micah is astounded at how easy it all is turning out to be! I have employed Daddy because, again, three... scale. He wasn't around for the first two experiences but here, we do everything together as a team. Two on three are better odds.

It is simple (for them). Go potty, get "One, two, three chocolates!" Do it again. And do it again. There are extra chocolates for the longer potty time. One child realizes she can spread her potty successes out to get more chocolate. Smart girl.

Then I leave to run an errand and people start forgetting. Poor Micah.

The rest of the day is a little sketchy. There were a lot of "Oops!" and "Ahhhhh!" moments. And some more "Yay!" and "Woohoo!"

Day two--- they start getting creative.

Imagine (or see below visual aid) all the littles lined up on their Ikea, green potties. One is successful. The second, happy for the first, lifts bum mid-potty (verb this time) to celebrate. The third, not wanting to be behind, stands and hoists potty (noun) in the air to show the rest.

The next go-round, the potties suddenly liken to racing cars and the trainees begin scooting them across the bathroom floor.

Sometimes, before I can clean all the potties, one or two gets kicked, knocked over, or something from the bathroom, that is more than likely mine, gets thrown in.

The rest of the time, Micah or I am continually herding people around the bathroom so they don't go too far away.

Remember also, this is co-ed. That also makes things interesting. That's all I have to say about that.


As I wake to tomorrow's light, ready to go at it another day, at least the bathroom is entirely cleaned and sanitized.


carrie said...

My triplets were surprisingly easy. As with most things, they were competitive with each other & it made the process quick & easy. Hope it goes well for you & them!!!

Ashley said...

Yikes! Good luck with all that!! =)