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Monday, December 21, 2009

A Pictorial Tour of the Childs in Philly

Micah and Andrew attended a Philadelphia Flyers Game in November. I think Andrew's face says Over-stimulation in this picture... Fun outing with Daddy, though.

Micah's parents came up for a visit. We were even able to celebrate Micah's Dad's birthday while they were here- Living so far away doesn't allow us to celebrate birthdays with family very often so we were thankful!

We visited Westminster Theological Seminary (Office Building/Dorms shown above) during their visit and took a very long ride through north Philly into downtown. We drove for hours! I guess 5:00 during a weekday wasn't the best choice for a tour... We even made it down to a famous place where they sell cheese steaks... OUTSIDE! No one was willing to get out of the car and brave the cold for the legendary sandwich.

My parents and siblings visited during Thanksgiving. It was nice to have a full table and a full house for the holiday.

We visited Independence Hall and the surrounding historical district. Another cold Philly day...

This is right out in front of Independence Hall. The boys are pointing like naval commander, Commodore John Barry. If you want to know more about him, there is info here.

The famous signing room. They boys (especially Andrew) were sure there was some mystery we needed to solve there like in National Treasure! I am sure he would have climbed into the bell tower and looked for the secret brick-n-the-wall had we allowed him.

This is the pen stand and ink well used for the signing of the Declaration of Independence, beautifully preserved.

At a neighboring museum, Elijah was excited to see this big painting of George Washington on his horse.

Leave it to Micah to have sons that get excited about a painting of John Adams! They loved seeing pictures of the Presidents they have learned about.

Another Washington statue and two happy boys:)

This was the top of the bell tower at dusk.

There are so many old buildings around Philly. This is one we think is beautiful. It is the William Penn Inn, originally opened in 1714. It has been remodeled since it began, but still is the same hospitable establishment. It truly has lovely Christmas lights.
For you history buffs, you can find more info here.

We ran across the Ambler Theater in a town on the way to the church we have been attending. The building is beautiful. Read more about it here.

These plants are everywhere! I guess it is a cold weather kind of plant and therefore the beautification organism of choice. They look like cabbage to me, especially the white ones and I just want to dig them up and make coleslaw out of them! I have no idea what kind of plant they are, but would love to be informed... so if you are savvy, please share!

I had to throw this one in for fun. What is the north without the snowy winters?


Janet said...

What a wonderful adventure you all have had in Philly. I know it was just a brief time but you have absolutely enjoyed the time you had there. Loved the pictures.

mary said...

love all the pics and history! its taken me a while to look at your blog so I had to catch up:) see you soon!!!!