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We are a family of fifteen: eight already with Jesus and seven in desperate need of Him. This is the story God is writing in our lives. Proverbs 16:9

Friday, December 18, 2009

Moving from Philly

I am so thankful our computer is up and running again! I know you all have been waiting expectantly for a new blog:) I had big plans to post a Philly spread. I still do, but our new news seems to trump that one for now.

We found out this past week that Micah is headed to California at the first of next month. This is both exciting and _______ (you fill in the blank and I am sure we are feeling it:)) for us. We knew we would only be in Philadelphia for a short time, but this is shorter than we anticipated. We had been praying that God would give us direction in where He was laying smooth stones for us in the future but we had no idea an answer would come so quickly. What makes the situation kind of sticky is the fact that the assignment is very short term. Even from the beginning of our discussions about what was best for everyone, it was clear to us that the boys and I needed stay for a while in NC, join Micah for part of his time there, but not move officially until he has a long-term position either there or somewhere else. Moving a family of four across the entire country is no small matter. I now feel why God creates families- especially husbands and wives- to cleave together. I am sure over the next two months, I will experience God's wisdom in creating oneness in marriage and hope when we are together again, more deeply appreciate walking through this life day to day with Micah. There are some very good things about the boys and I spending time in NC. They are excited about playing with their cousins (they have 3 plus more extended in the world as of this week!) and spending time with family. We haven't been so close to everyone for such a long period of time- never since the boys have been in the world- so I know this will bring precious opportunities.

Micah is going into a great situation. He will be staying in a beautiful part of California and hopes to be successful in his tasks running a free-standing CFA. It will be a change from his assignment here in PA at a mall store (at CHRISTMASTIME!) but he loves the dynamics of both opportunities.

Please pray for us. We will be moving in two weeks. We all need strength, perseverance, and peace. God is moving us along and we pray He doesn't stop. We would rather be trying to catch our breath and moving in the direction of a long-term position than waiting and wondering what He has for us next. We do know that unless God goes before us, we have no hope in the future. So we trust and pray and move again.


Denise said...

I'm sure that deciding all of this takes a toll. We will be praying. It will be good to be near family, they can be so supportive BUT never easy to be away from hubby! Take care.

Janet said...

I guess it is the nature of the restaurant business but our lives are so similar right now. I'm sure I've felt and have been feeling so many of the same things you are right now. Please know your family is in my prayers during this time. I'm so glad you and the boys will be with family. They will be such valuable resource of support for you all. Lifting you and Micah up especially. Phone calls and emails become more precious during times apart like this. God will give you all you need to get through this time.