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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Welcome Chick-fil-a!

This past week has been very busy as a new Chick-fil-a opened near Mall St. Matthews here in Louisville. The boys have enjoyed driving by and watching the building progress over the last few of months. Micah had many opportunities provided by his boss to help in hiring and training some of the new employees. He was very thankful for the experience! As life in the US has been uncertain for so many, we are so thankful that God has taken care of us through Micah's job and more specifically through the generosity of Micah's boss. This makes us all the more thankful for the blessing of this new store for he and his family!

This past Monday, we attended the Dedication Dinner at The Olmstead. It was a 20's theme which made the evening fun and festive.

Tuesday night, there was a community dinner at the new store. We stopped by at the end of the festivities. The boys and I got a tour of the store and the boys got to break in the new play area.

Wednesday night, we went by to see the first 100 "raving fans" who received 52 free combos (one for each week of next year). It was freezing outside- actually below freezing. There were couples, families, college kids, and singles all camped out in the parking lot. I didn't get a picture of the tents but they covered the entire parking lot! We did meet up with a group from NC. One of the guys used to attend Western Avenue Baptist Church with us a long, long time ago:) This was his 17th Chick-fil-a grand-opening! He may almost eat more Chick-fil-a than Micah!
It was a party outside equipped with a DJ and outdoor heaters!

We also had the pleasure of meeting Dan Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-a's son and current president of the company. Also in this picture to the far left is Micah's boss' son, Nate. He is so sweet to Andrew and Elijah~

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