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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Andrew!

January 12th marked Andrew's 5th year on this earth. We are so thankful and proud of him! He has grown from a little 5 lb. 13 oz. baby to be a strong and healthy kid. God's lavish and gracious gift of a precious baby boy was not deserved or owed to us. We are profoundly grateful for the time we have been given so far to spend with him in this life.

Andrew is a thinker. He recently shared with Micah's boss his ideas about improving the Chick-fil-a by adding outdoor seating. He wasn't going to let lack of space in the parking lot deter him from figuring out how it could work! He decided that a picnic table in the grass might be the best option~ He always wants to know what the plan is for each day and makes sure we stick to it. This is really helpful to Mommy who is easily distracted... He is still very driven in preschool and loves to write and read. I have to keep up with all he wants to learn. He loves legos and computer games. His favorite song is still the "army song" (refer to Tiffany's Tracks blog for more info on this one). He makes new friends very easily. It is not uncommon for him to introduce himself to people at random- especially at Chick-fil-a!
We spent his entire birthday playing legos. In the evening, we did go to Chick-fil-a (of course:)) for dinner. He got ice cream, cookie cake, and a make-shilk for dessert (for those of you who don't understand what a shake-milk is, our children are just determined not to call this frozen treat by its correct name!). The day following his birthday, we had friends meet us for bowling and cake. The kids all had a blast!

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Mary B* said...

Love the cake:) so sad we had to miss the party! first one since he's been born:(