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Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer 2008

I decided I had quite a few Andrew and Elijah fan club-friendly pictures to add to the blog. They have been busy this summer!

This is Andrew and his good friend Faith. Faith likes to dress him up like "Prince Charming".Andrew is very social and loves his friends. I think loyalty is going to be one of his best qualities.

Andrew has been learning to swim. He is really doing well...

Elijah is even doing well but prefers playing around the pool. He jumps to Micah and me fearlessly; just kind of falling happily into the water. He doesn't jump in unless someone is there to catch him, unlike my sister Amy if I remember correctly!!!

Elijah has been doing the funniest thing. I have been encouraging him to use words (now that he knows a few) to tell me what he wants instead of screaming "No!" or, well, just screaming. Instead, he has started acting out things that happen. For instance, the other evening he fell face first in the grass. I didn't see it happen, but he ran to me with a face full of dirt crying. After I asked him what happened, he laid down face first on the floor in front of me to demonstrate. The other people around me thought he was just hilarious, so he kept acting it out for them. He is quite a character!

Here are my boys with friends at a birthday celebration.

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