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We are a family of fifteen: eight already with Jesus and seven in desperate need of Him. This is the story God is writing in our lives. Proverbs 16:9

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Childs Children Update

From Christmas to now, life has run at a crazy fast pace. Andrew turned 12 years old, the triplets turned 4, and Micah and I had a big trip along the east coast. Sprinkled in between, there were a couple of illnesses, a bunch of basketball games, company--- lots of company, the end of the school year for the big boys, then another trip to NC for a baby shower honoring my baby sister and her husband.

People keep growing up. Andrew is almost as tall as me. In so many ways 12 seems like such an in-between age. I know that just around the corner are teen years. I desire for him stability as he vacillates between being a kid and being a young adult. I am increasingly aware of the degree to which he and I will engage in more complex conversations. He is so much like me it is almost like I am having a conversation with myself, especially when he and I disagree. I secretly cheer his independence as he and I learn to communicate with respect. He has a strong justice side, is a very hard worker and diligent student. He won a Latin award this year. He will be in 7th grade next year with a side of 8th grade math.

Elijah is reading faster than we can acquire books. His imagination is astounding. He can quote Calvin and Hobbes verbatim and appropriately uses the content to add to our daily conversations. He is so passionate and knows a little bit about a lot of things. He will readily tell you what is on his mind with avid description. He still loves music, especially when it is emotive and melodic. He and Andrew both love to play piano. Elijah finds things like this in public and thinks they are hilarious:

Note:  Not Actual Size

Isaac is so strong. He knows what he wants, always. He loves to take things apart and see how they work. He is fascinated with machinery of all kinds. He is observant. He can do pull-ups. He also still has a sweet soft-side. When he gets "warm out", he goes to his room, turns on music, and goes to bed. He loves to kiss his mama on the nose. I have never known a child like him.

Eliana is quite a girl. Her first couple of years in the world, she was miss independent. Particularly over the last year she is leaning in to others more--- I think in a good way. When she catches my eye, she often winks at me from across the room. She can wink with both eyes and tries to teach me (even though I am a hopeless case!). She laughs with delight and often shouts a spontaneous "ya-hoo!" to liven a bike ride or run across the lawn.

Isabella is still content child (until she just isn't, which is least often the case) and comfortable in her own skin. She is a such girly girl. Right now, she is wearing her Doc McStuffins headband for the third day, proudly. She likes shoes that shine and sparkle. She is Miss Captain Obvious. She internalizes, ponders, and speaks encouraging words. She brings a welcomed peace to this family.

The triplets have now learned what advocates Andrew and Elijah are for them. They love the boys. And the boys love them.

I love these people. I love that I get to know them. As we head into summer, I am looking forward to being out of the pressures of the school year for a few weeks.

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