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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Another Day at the Races! And Other Sports Stars

With the sun shining and the air warm and crisp, it was a great day for a race!  Ok, ok.  It was me.  I set them up.  First, it was crawling down the hallway.  Today, it is racing motorcycles down the driveway.  What can I say?  I was born and raised in North Wilkesboro, NC!  

On your mark!  (Isabella looks excited, and yes, everyone is on their mark)...  Get Set!  (Isaac doesn't look set for anything except for playing with the buttons on his motorcycle... Eliana is also distracted by Isaac's buttons)...
And GO!!!
Isabella is off to a great start!  Eliana kicks it into gear and uses the incline to her advantage!  Her seeming distractedness was just a brilliant fake-out!  Isaac is glad the girls are having so much fun but has no idea why~
There seems to be some confusion as to the direction of the finish line...  Isaac is glad he stayed behind to play the trance-inducing, "I got to move it, move it" on his Playskool motorcycle-music-maker.  
The girls are going with their individual ideas about how this race is actually won.  Way to be independent, girlies.  Isaac is on to Smashmouth, "Walking on the Sun".  
Ellie tries to cajole Bella into heading this way.  
Bella thinks about it for a moment, but is not convinced to veer off her selected course.
See!  This is a nice spot to stop and glance back at Mommy.
This boy just couldn't get his head in the game today.  Maybe next time, bud.
This girl is not only convinced she has won, but she doesn't even stop for victory photo.  

Maybe something different to pass the time.  In Bubbles, everyone wins!
But it doesn't last for long...

You may be enjoying college basketball right now, but around here the real stars of the court have been none other than Andrew-aka-Lebrondrew James and Elijah-aka-Chrijah Paul.  They had a great first ever season of YMCA Basketball.

This boy can post up like a boss.  He was the second-highest scorer on his team with the best shooting percentage.   Way to go Andrew!

See this kid?  He plays smart, scrappy defense.  And he celebrates every basket- his teams' or the others'- with an excitement that is contagious.  Yay Elijah!

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