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We are a family of fifteen: eight already with Jesus and seven in desperate need of Him. This is the story God is writing in our lives. Proverbs 16:9

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Moving Toward 29

Friday, Eliana's doppler reading was better than Wednesday's so she is holding steady in that regard AND I was thrilled to learn yesterday that I do not have gestational diabetes.  Praise God!

During a break in the three hour diabetes test, Micah pushed me in a wheelchair (actually, raced with me through the empty parts of the hospital hallways) up to the Neonatal ICU where the babies will more than likely be for a while.  I am one to do better when I see things ahead of time so this was exceptionally helpful.  It takes the ~wondering~ out of it a bit and definitely makes me feel more prepared.  We met several nurses and one gave us a tour.  She was so kind to us.  She introduced us to a few of the babies already patients there, some the size of our babies now, and answered several of our questions.  It was a peaceful place and the ladies we met seemed to really love their jobs.

Micah and I already go back tomorrow to have the babies measured.  This is a huge matter of prayer~ that our doctor (still persistent in following us from his vacation) will have wisdom about Eliana's growth and what is best for her as he continues to assess Isabella and Isaac.  As all of this is overwhelming, pray for us~ that our eyes will be fixed on Jesus as He continues to carry us along. 

I have to mention how very blessed and helped we have been by our church family and friends during the last several weeks.  There is such beauty in community and our family has felt and experienced this first hand.  It truly demonstrates to us the very heart of our Savior, Servant, Jesus Christ.

I must apologize if I have failed to communicate with everyone who has reached out to us.  My note writing/sending has been egregiously lacking and I hope you who continue to love us through words and actions will accept this as a huge, heart felt, Thank You.


carrie said...

Hope all looks good tomorrow. I'm glad you were able to visit the NICU. Our NICU nurses became like family to us; they are wonderful people! Praying for you.

Janet said...

I'm so glad you were able to visit the NICU to help you prepare. Praying for you all.