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We are a family of fifteen: eight already with Jesus and seven in desperate need of Him. This is the story God is writing in our lives. Proverbs 16:9

Thursday, February 24, 2011

In One Week: To TX and Back and Babies!

Micah and I spent a lovely first part of the week in San Antonio, TX. What a great place to visit. The Riverwalk was beautiful and such a retreat from the big city all around. It was our first longer trip by ourselves in a long time~ We went to be a part of our first event as an extension of the Chick-fil-a family of Operators that spreads across the USA. It felt surreal- to have such an incredible introduction to our new life and to experience the answer to our prayers for the past few years. I am so proud of Micah and so grateful to God for growing him into this position. It was more evident to me, while surrounded by his peers, the transformation in him. I am looking forward to see how God uses the changes, continues to grow Micah, and guides him over the next many years. He and I have been in the supplication stage in regards to career for so long, it was a practice to sit still and thank God for answering our prayers in this way. My heart is so fickle. It is so easy to pray and seek, but it takes more effort in many ways for me to accept the blessings and spend time in praise and thankfulness. I am indeed thankful and blessed far beyond what I deserve.

These are some of my favorite scenes from the trip:

In the top of the Tower of the Americas

On the adoption front, the time has come again for our second embryo transfer. It has come so quickly~ The past few days have been Marriage Enrichment time again with big shots in the "hips"! Tomorrow morning, we will "meet" our 3 little ones. The shots and all the other meds have been totally worth it to prepare for them and give them the best chance to live that we know. We ask that you all be in prayer for us (Andrew and Elijah included) and the babies. You can specifically pray that they all survive being thawed, find a happy home, implant, and grow! Specifically for the two that aren't in "great" shape, I have been looking to the examples of those parents in the New Testament that brought their children to Jesus. I ask you to do the same. Our babies, regardless of their form, are not out of the reach of the Healer. The more I pray, the closer I feel to them. Love is always risky and this kind of love is scary. I have had to be honest with my Father about that knowing He calls me to not have a spirit of fear. On days it has been hard to pray, God has always sent another mother my way to pray for them on my behalf. Just last week, God helped me to swallow my pride, confess my weakness, and ask for help from a dear friend of mine. She continues to remind me that she is praying. Other of our families and friends have been so kind to pray and communicate that to us as well. Micah and I were sharing our story during lunch this past week with a couple we had just met. At the end of lunch, the gal came over, knelt beside me, and prayed such a strong prayer for them. She is a mother of seven. Little did she know, I had really struggled that day feeling up to all of this. As I felt her hands holding mine, I knew God had sent her, in a room suited for thousands of people, to our table just for me. It is such a blessing for us not to carry this alone. It is a difficult road, but I am looking to the cross and into the face of Jesus for perfect help and strength. Please pray that we continue to walk this road in obedience, with peace and hopefulness, and hearts that trust the Lord in the way and the outcome.


Renae Williford said...

I love this. His fingerprints are all over your story. Praying...

Aaron and Jennifer said...

So exciting - Praying!