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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Micah's 32nd Birthday

Last night, Micah and I fell asleep on the couch watching TV. Around 2:30 in the morning, I woke up in the -fallen asleep on the couch and now completely stiff- position. I immediately sensed a kiddo sitting at my feet and realized that Elijah was wide awake with his gaze fixed on the glowing box at the other end of the room. After inquiring about his being awake, I realized that he had been watching Divorce Court. "What are you watching?" I asked, as if he had made this choice for himself. "I am watching this show. The show where they win $10,000 was on first and then I watched this!" he explained. I gathered he had been watching at least 40 minutes of television (maybe more?!?)- 35 devoted to Divorce Court. Needless to say, I felt like Mother of the Year! This morning as I was thinking about last nights events, I kept wondering what he could have heard from multiple post nuptial couples bent on publicly humiliating each other on national television. Thankfully, I was reminded of a quote I appreciate so much in Gary Thomas' Sacred Parenting. He speaks to the fact that "none of us can mess up so badly that our children somehow extend beyond the reach of God's mercy." That certainly doesn't mean that I do stupid things on purpose, but I feel encouraged that my inadvertent sharing of entirely inappropriate television falls in that category.

That was the first moment of Micah's 32nd birthday that he will remember. Birthdays are lots of fun at our house. I try to carry on my Mom's tradition of making the cake of the birthday person's choice. Andrew and Elijah really wanted to get Daddy a Star Wars or Iron Man cake, but sensing that these choices served them more than Micah, made him his choice; yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting. He also really likes these Peanut Butter things... not sure what they're called...
Last night we celebrated with Sushi since tonight, Micah will be spending his birthday evening at Chick-fil-a. He is such a blessing to the boys and I. His diligence at work and presence at home is something I am especially thankful for. There are few men who can do both well and by the grace of God, I happen to be married to one of them.

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