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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Potty Training Part 2

Well folks, it is that time again. I know you all have been waiting and waiting for another post on potty training. The wait is over! Elijah has graduated to the ripe age of two and a half and has already rounded the initial "using the potty" curve that begins at our house with two days camped out in the bathroom. I have absolutely no complaints. There were some tense moments where I thought maybe it was too soon or he was just not physically ready, but all my fears have subsided. Honestly, the kiddo pretty much trained himself. I think I have the secret, though. In order to potty train successfully and tearlessly, you must have a potty training song. Andrew had a potty training song as well, fitting for his situation that emphasized perseverance. Elijah's song was more broad and fitting for his experience. We thought we'd share it just in case you need such a song and think it might further your potty-training cause when the time is right.

Oh today we're learning how to use the potty!
Oh today we're learning how to use the potty!
No more diapers, no more wipes.
Using the potty's what we like~
Oh today we're learning how to use the potty!
(to the tune of Be Careful Little Eyes What You See)

It is especially fun to sing when you visit large public restrooms! My boys have tried it out all over Louisville and have thoroughly entertained all those within earshot:)
For Andrew's potty training experience...


Denise said...

So cute! We have a song & dance that goes with a successful trip to the potty! We all get into it. It does seem to be quite effective!

Cara Meyer said...

ya for Elijah and Mommy. I can imagine the echo of bathrooms resounding the music. We have had quite a few memorable comments with our girls in restrooms too!! Oh, the joy of toddlers :)