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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

State Fair Time Again!

We spent Monday, August 18 at the fair. The boys waited eagerly after purchasing advance tickets for the day to come. As always, we had a blast. Of course we visited all our favorite exhibits, except for the cows. It was closed this year during the afternoon we were there while the animals we're loaded up to head out. I was not too sad, being that it is by far the smelliest exhibit.

It was fun to see Andrew on the same kiddo-rides at Six Flags, but this year able to ride on his own and Elijah with Daddy.
Micah liked the goats, I liked the decorated cakes (the pork chop sandwich was a close second), and Andrew said he liked his bag of cotton candy. When asked what his favorite thing at the fair was, Elijah said "Da Da dance". You may think at first that Elijah was mistaken, but this year, prompted by oldies from the Newsboys in concert in the evening, Micah did dance. This, friends, is a rarity. I think for all of us, the time we spent at the concert was most enjoyable. The boys had never seen such a display and they responded with delight. I haven't seen the Newsboys since I was a teen. They have as much energy as ever and the drum-off between the drummer and lead singer was certainly memorable.

This is totally unrelated but I had to include this picture. Like many Americans, we are getting so much more sleep now that the Olympics are over! Micah and I would leave the TV on all night and if we were to wake up, we would even watch in the wee hours of the morning. We loved the racing. Here the boys are at the starting line of the Childs 10 yard in our hallway.

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